Virginia Beach: Offshore Fishing and Marinas

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Some people head to Virginia Beach for the food, some for the attractions like Busch Gardens, and still others just want to go swimming. With all the wonder of Virginia Beach at your fingertips, let’s not forget that it is also one of the greatest places in the United States for fishing! With offshore towers, ghostly shipwrecks to intrigue and the short trip into the Gulf Stream, Virginia beach is the “it” place for the ultimate fishing expeditions. All you really need is a marina to dock your boat or an offshore charter service and of course, they have many to choose from. Some of the charter services and marinas located right in Virginia Beach are:

Backlash Sport Fishing- This charter fishing service is top of the line, The captain operates radar and two bottom sounders so that you are sure to find that big fish you have been searching for! The boat features a cabin with heat and air conditioning to keep you comfortable after fishing in adverse conditions, there is even a bunk if you find yourself a little tired! Let the captain take you out and enjoy the cruise, catch some fish and have a fantastic vacation!

Frog Pile Sports Fishing Center- The aim with this fishing charter company is comfort, and trophies! With a fully stocked cabin for your travel comfort, state of the art safety equipment and GPS North Star and fish tracking they offer the service you need to get to the fish! Their charter boat cruises at a speed of 28 knots, making it the fastest in RudeeInlet which means you get to spend more of your cruise fishing instead of traveling. Using their radar and guidance systems. Frog Pile will put you right on top of the fish again and again!

Long Bay Point Marina- This mammoth marina and resort, really has everything you could want, in fact you may never want to leave.  Long Bay 215 slips capable of accommodating yachts up to 200 ft, docking, fueling and pump out stations as well as a bait and tackle shop on site. They are a resort with a restaurant, full spa, salon and even an exercise facility. Offering long term or transient docking as well as charter trips, they are truly full service.

Ready to hit the water and make some waves in the fishing world? Head out to Virginia Beach for some of the best fishing you will ever find and some of the greatest marinas and charter fishing as well! Enjoy everything that is available in Virginia Beach and get in some quality fishing time too! If you want to read more about Virginia Beach Hotels and Virginia Beach Restaurants please visit our site